Forest Officer


Work Nature

  • Foresters manage forest resources, and are responsible for its preservation and utilization. They have a broad based knowledge of Tree Biology, Ecology, Wood Science and Manufacturing Processes windows 7 treiber herunterladen.
  • Map of forested areas using several instruments and remote sensing devices
  • Document  forest resources such as timber, ground for cattle grazing, shelter for wild animals, food and water for animals
  • Maintain all forest related technical data
  • Identify areas which require particular attention for either fresh planting, felling, thinning of dense forests or pruning and pest control
  • Plan wildlife reserves
  • Plan roads leading to interesting spots, recreation points, lakes etc herunterladen. in a wildlife reserve
  • Supervise crews  assigned to these projects and maintain records of their progress
  • Preserve and protect forests from campers and poachers
  • Prevent illegal felling of trees for timber
  • Work in laboratories and industries which process products out of wood
  • Work in saw mills, plywood and hardboard industries, paper and pulp mills, furniture factories and industries which carry out wood preserving processes


  • Area Forester, Chief Unit Forester, Environmental Protection Forester, Fire Prevention Forester, Forest Practices Field Coordinator, Forester, Regional Forester, Resource Forester, Silviculturist, Urban Forester

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